Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Big, but not That Big

Today we were watching home video as it was being recorded to DVD. Alot of Ian at 22 months and Brand New Baby Aelyn. We were all laughing seeing these cute little kids do such silly things, making silly faces and sounds.

I look at Ian sitting on the couch, and he seems sooo big now. And then he says "Daddy, did you know I was born on my birthday ?" Ya hoo !!! He is not THAT big,.... still just a cute kid.

Monday, June 6, 2005

Nona, still almost healed

Nona has taken forever to heal - 4 trips to the vet, 2 attempts with staples, one with stitches.... finally antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and lots of banadges she has gotten better. a month later, and she has a small pink spot and a bump still. 5 more days of meds......

Ian almost done with kindergarten

3 weeks remain..... I am still getting used to the idea of him being a kindergartener, and now he's graduating.... Sigh. He is excited and sad, knowing he will miss his friends. Excited for summer, sleeping and lots of free play. He is reading really well, and loves to draw and color alot now.

In the Fall, he will be excited to be a 1st Grader, and getting to play on a "real" soccer team ! We may even join the Y's Adventure Guides (no more indian....)

Saturday, June 4, 2005

We Celebrated !

Today we went to Family Fun Center to celebrate Aelyn's Big Underwear Girl ! She had to wear underwear 7 days with no accidents and we could go. She did it that first week, and we finally had an open to day to go. She loved it, and there's no looking back to Pull Ups !

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Success is slow.....

Don't tell her... but Aelyn has been wearing underwear since we got up this morning - and she is still dry ! She has not resisted going to use the bathroom at all today....... I am trying to not get too excited,.. but could this be the beginning of the end of Pull Ups ??? I hope today's success gives her encouagement to keep going.... I think we will even try the grocery store !

Friday, May 20, 2005

Nona's almost healed

The goofy dog got a cut on her front paw, essentially on her 'wrist'. Been taking forever to heal and Nona the ever so smart dog that she is figures that bandages don't help anything heal and thus does her best to remove them as quickly as we can put them on.