Sunday, January 22, 2006

Went Ice Skating last weeked; First time, ever!

Last weekend I went ice skating for the first time, ever.

Ian had been a couple times for parties and of course Kim grew up ice skating but for my growing up in the South I've never worn ice skates.

So there Aeyln and I are slippin' and slidin' all around the ice rink. Do I skate better than my own 4-year old? Yes. Do I skate better than some of the 4 year olds @ the rink? No.

It was fun and not too hard. I didn't fall on my ass although I did fall over once. I've water-skied and snow-skied a bit as well as rolling on the old-school 4 wheel roller-skates when I was a kid (no not inlines). This has a lot in common with snow skiing as far as stance, weight distribution and turning.

It was good and everybody had fun. And I can say for now that I can ice skate better than both my kids which is something I won't be able to say for long.