Sunday, November 23, 2008

Topic Box

Tonight we started a new activity at dinner - read questions from The Topic Box, and we all take turns answering. Aelyn made the box for us today, and supplied the first set of questions... here they are - quite a variety !
1. What is the deadline for me to have dessert ?
2. How many stars do you think are in the sky ?
3. What would happen if everyone became an astronomist ?
4. What is dad so silly ?
5. When will I be old enough to go to college ?
6. What you are mostly likely to break if you fall off the roof ?
7. Has it eve snowed in summer ?
8. What time do me and Aelyn go to sleep ? (note the sneaky way she made it look like Ian asked!)
9. Will mom ever eat chocolate cookies ?
10. can we get another dog ?
11. What types of things do beetles like to eat ?
12. How many months til my birthday ? (aelyn)
13. how do you prevent pulling a muscle ?

Aelyn'isms - Free WiFi

Aelyn and I stopped into Panera (a bakery like place) for some lunch today. Seeing the signs for free-wifi as well as another patron using her laptop, Aelyn tells me I should pull out my blackberry to use the free wifi.

"What's free wifi", I ask?
"It's when you can use your laptop or blackeberry however you want with no rules. That's why it says free. On an airplane you can only use your blackberry in airplane mode, but this is free, any way you want."

"But I can use my blackberry in Safeway." "They have free wifi too" (which is also true).

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Difference between Kids and Adults

(While we were at the store picking up Kim's Birthday Cake)

Aelyn: Wouldn't it be cool to be able to have your very own cake, every day? And then when you finish it up, you can get another one?

Flint: You know what the difference is between Kids and Adults?

Aelyn: What?

Flint: That. Kids always think about cake and ice cream and doughnuts...

Aelyn: ... and marshmallows, and chocolate chips, and candy, and oreos, and ...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Aelyn's Parent Teacher Conference

So at Aelyn's conference, Rosamond was telling Kim how Aelyn is strong in her opinions, and her writing can be a struggle when she is not excited about the topic.  So one day Aelyn "had a hissy fit" because "she couldn't possibly write about the weekend on Tuesday!"