Sunday, November 23, 2008

Topic Box

Tonight we started a new activity at dinner - read questions from The Topic Box, and we all take turns answering. Aelyn made the box for us today, and supplied the first set of questions... here they are - quite a variety !
1. What is the deadline for me to have dessert ?
2. How many stars do you think are in the sky ?
3. What would happen if everyone became an astronomist ?
4. What is dad so silly ?
5. When will I be old enough to go to college ?
6. What you are mostly likely to break if you fall off the roof ?
7. Has it eve snowed in summer ?
8. What time do me and Aelyn go to sleep ? (note the sneaky way she made it look like Ian asked!)
9. Will mom ever eat chocolate cookies ?
10. can we get another dog ?
11. What types of things do beetles like to eat ?
12. How many months til my birthday ? (aelyn)
13. how do you prevent pulling a muscle ?

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