Friday, June 15, 2007

Camp Sealth Weekend (June 2007)

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The first weekend in June, the kids' Campfire USA group hosted a family overnight at Camp Sealth (satellite map). The camp is located on Vashon Island which is only accessasble by ferry. We stayed in cabins. While we had access to a fridge, we cooked over the fire using basic implements of campfire cooking such as tin-foil (for tin-foil dinners), pie-irons (for french toast), and skewers (for the smores). We took a hike up to Ungle Wigglebottoms Cabin. They had a touch tank going at the pier and the kids had fun playing at the beach and in the general area. On Sunday, we did a fused glass craft in the morning before we left which was a lot fun. You can see the whole set at our Flickr site.

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