Monday, November 5, 2007

The dogs -- continued

On Sunday, the raccoons came back, 3 of them. Apparently they aren't as smart as I had thought. Nona and Simba cornered one on the deck and Molly went after one that went under the deck. Seeing as how they were under the deck we couldn't really get Molly's attention to unlatch although maybe we did because she started dragging the raccoon back out. She again had it by the haunch and this time was shaking vigorously.

By the time we got them apart, the raccoon wasn't moving its back legs at all. Sigh. It didn't live through the night.

Those critters may look all fuzzy and cute but they are not to be trifled with. Their size is deceptive and they are all muscle. Very heavy.

Molly went to see Dr. Jane today (Monday) to get looked over and to get her rabies shot up to date. No problems and all is well. We also haven't seen the raccoons any more which is a good thing.

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